Yoga Therapy is a time honoured approach to healing.

It applies the many principles of yoga to enhance the client’s physical and emotional wellbeing. It offers people of all ages, experiencing a wide range of physical problems and afflictions, methods to assist in their return to wholeness.

Your journey to optimal health

A Yoga Therapy consultation allows the therapist to observe and assess the individual, in a safe, nurturing environment. An appropriate home practice is then designed that will allow the client to take control of their journey to optimal health.

Personal and achievable

As a Yoga Therapist, Chris will work with you to develop a home practice that is both personal and achievable. The practice may be modified several times as your healing process evolves. It may also include dietary and lifestyle coaching.

As Yoga advocates the powerful link between mind and body, a Yoga Therapy approach also follows these observances. A home practice may include specific breathing techniques, guided relaxation, asanas (strengthening and/or lengthening postures) or guided meditation. Your ability and comfort is a constant consideration

Yoga TherapyYoga Therapy with Chris Hurditch



An individual session: $100.00 for one hour. (Initial consultation allow extra 15 mins)
Three sessions: $230.00
Group Sessions Throughout the year Chris will run courses consisting of Four Weekly Sessions for small groups (maximum 5 people) dealing with a variety of issues such as Scoliosis, Asthma, Lower Back problems, Sleeping Disorders, Shoulder and/or Hip pain, Anxiety.
An initial One Hour consultation is required to assess an individual and develop their unique practice. Following the consultation, clients will come together, once a week, for four weeks, to do their specific practice guided by Chris. These group sessions will be held on a Tuesday evening or Saturday morning.  $180.00 covers the initial consultation and the four, one hour classes.